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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the tips?

All of our channels are hosted on Telegram. Once subscribed to a punter, you will be added to the list of members in the channel where you shall be notified when a bet has been sent. Telegram is an instant messenger service, similar to WhatsApp. It delivers messages faster than any other application and offers full encryption. Download telegram here

When will I receive the tips?

Once subscribed to a channel, you will start receiving tips straight away. Some channels send more bets than others, but it is likely to receive them daily, with normally higher volumes closer to the weekends due to the increased amount of sporting events.

Will I make money?

Our tipsters are professionals in their fields and are very good at what they do. Each channel has a recorded profit/loss which is accessible on the channel information. Profit is never guaranteed, it is gambling, but all tips are heavily researched and data driven in order to gain an advantage over the bookmakers. You are not obliged to place any of the selections that you receive in the channel. For guaranteed profit with zero risk, check out our Arbitrage channels here

What bookmakers do I need?

The biggest and the best bookmaker is Bet365 which is used for the majority of our channels. They lay the most money on selections and offer a great variety of markets. Check the channel descriptions for more information on what bookmakers are needed for specific channels.

How do I sign up?

Firstly, you will need to download the Telegram app. Pick your punters and click subscribe. This will take you to their Telegram channel where you will see the subscription options. Select your payment method (we accept Visa/Debit/ApplePay/GooglePay). Once subscribed, you will automatically be added to the channel where you will start receiving tips from when the next one is posted!

Can I leave a channel at any time?

Of course. You are not obliged to stay in any channel if you do not wish. To unsubscribe from a channel, head to the Telegram of the channel you are subscribed to and click “unsubscribe”. This will mean you will be automatically removed from the channel at the end of your current subscription, with no further payments taken. If you wish to leave sooner, unsubscribe, then leave manually.